Akron Maternity Photographer

      As an Akron maternity photographer, it was a new experience putting myself in so many of my past momma’s shoes. It was beautiful out on Sunday, my daughter was sleeping and I decided to ask my husband if he minded helping me take a few maternity portraits. It was only three days before my due date and I had been so busy taking senior portraits and family photos, that I had not had a chance to squeeze in a picture of my own baby bump.

      Being that this is our last child and my last time experiencing all the wonders, joys, pains, ups and downs of being pregnant, I felt a strong desire to capture this moment in time. I regretted not having more pictures of my pregnancy with my first daughter. I wanted to be able to look back at these portraits and allow them to bring back distant memories of what it was like to feel our baby girl kick and hick-up or to have her excitedly squirm around when she heard me read a bedtime story to her big sister.

      As I am getting around to editing this image, it is the night before we will head to the hospital. Let than 24 hours before we will hold our sweet baby girl. And I am already so thankful for these images and the memories that they hold.

      Akron maternity photographer
      Akron maternity photographer
      Akron maternity photographer
      Maternity photo


      Aw! Congratulations!!!


      Thank you!